Sunday, August 10, 2008

Article Analyzer

Getting search engine traffic through article optimization can be a bit of a tricky concept.

You either put your keyword too often in the article, only to get penalized, OR, you don't put your keyword enough in the article for search engines to recoginze it.

Well if you find that you are often having this issue. Say Helloto my little friend... Article Analyzer.

What is Article Analyzer you ask? Ah-Ha! Simple, all you have to do is write out your article, or, if you have a hired writer... take that article and run it through Article Analyzer and it will then let you know if the article is optimized for profitable search engine rankings!

How easy is that? Talk about pressing the Staples EASY Button!

Want to check out some other Benefits?

I know you do:

*Quickly 'test' all your articles prior to publishing them on the web to make sure you don't waste all your effort!

*Ensure your keyword density is accurate for easy search engine approval.

*Quick catch and correct any spelling errors that might exist with built-in spell-checker.

*Get the world count, the number of times a chosen word or phrase occurs throughout the content, and the density percentage.

*Save each article in either.txt or HTML format for full flexibility and saved time!

*Quickly spot your keywords inside your article with built-in highlighting feature!

*Plus, more features to save you time and give the information you need to succeed with your content!

So look at it this way, never will you again write articles and have a few that are going to do absolutely nothing. Now you will have the piece of mind knowing that all of the articles that show up on your website are going to make search engines happy and bring you in more money.

Want some more good news? This product comes with Master Resale Rights! This software is going to pay for itself! You can use to optimize and check your articles, then turn around and sell yourself! What can be better?

As always this product is backed by DealDotCom's 30 Day money back guarantee. Simply try it out for 30 days and if you aren't totally satisfied, receive a full refund.

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