Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wireless Awareness: Don't Be A Sheep

LAS VEGAS, NEV. -- iPhones and other mobile devices with wireless access were among the top contributors to this year's "Wall of Sheep," a public shaming exercise debuting at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas this week that aims to educate people about the dangers of sending e-mail and other online communications over open wireless networks.

Conference organizers issued a clear warning to attendees: If you check your e-mail or communicate using the ubiquitous conference wireless network, be sure to do so over an encrypted connection (https:// versus http://). Otherwise, your credentials will be projected onto a wall where everyone will ridicule your seeming inability to grasp a fundamental tenet of online security.

Apparently, a fair number of the most well-trained security professionals ignored this advice. The team responsible for monitoring the Black Hat wireless network posted more than 30 sets of credentials, many from individuals who had more security industry certifications to their name than would fit on a standard business card.

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