Thursday, September 4, 2008

New, Cheaper iPods?

Members of the American press have been sent out invites to one of Steve Jobs’ “special events” on September 9 – and it’s iPod season.

Apple traditionally unveil a new range of iPods around this time of year, just in time for Christmas. Steve Jobs’ “special event” this time last year saw the introduction of the iPod touch, a flashy wide-screen, touch sensitive interface iPod.

Geek forums worldwide are chomping at the bit with all sorts of conjecture, but a few certain facts will be indisputable whether a new device is added to the line-up or not: price cuts, more memory, and an avalanche of sales of Apple in the lead up to Christmas.

Sales of iPods accounted for 22.5 per cent of the company’s sales of $US7.5 billion for the quarter ending June 30.

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